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We use licensed GoldCoder's script, which is the most user friendly and convenient script for investors.


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About Investment Guru

Investmentguru Ltd. is a foremost non-bank finance company offering first class investment plans, financial advisory, corporate finance and Wealth management services to private clients, institutional investors and the clients of financial advisers. Our firm is focused on providing unbiased advisory and investment services to entities and individuals involved in investing in Forex, gold, bond, Stock market and private equities. Our research process involves both qualitative and quantitative work to investigate stylistic and risk issues. We shift through many thousands of managed funds and apply our rigorous selection criteria to provide you with a concise list of funds that we believe will outperform on a risk adjusted basis.
At Investmentguru Ltd., we believe it is important to keep our investors regularly informed, given the conviction we hold in our investment philosophy and underlying positions. We believe that each customer has unique needs and will only entrust the management of their wealth to us if we guarantee returns that fit with their goals and aspirations.
Investmentguru Ltd. is managed by a group of innovative and creative group of multi-disciplined experts crossing all corners of the world. Our aim is to provide real and workable solutions in order to help our clients achieve maximum profits, whilst reducing business costs. There are two things clients can count on from Investmentguru Ltd., high professional standards and the ability to deliver sustainable quality in everything we do.

Statement of the CEO

We at believe that business relationship between the company and its investors should be built on trust.
The Company is not just a fancy looking website, in fact, The Company are the real people behind it. You deserve to know who are the people running the business.
Because you (our investors) trust us with your money we feel that you deserve to know who are the people behind the company. It is me, Andrew Donnelly, CEO of who will personally supervise the team of highly qualified professionals so we can deliver our promise to you.

From The Desk of CEO
Andrew Donnelly
CEO of

Our Plans


Economy plan

  • Designed to build the trust between our Company and new investors
  • 2% Daily for 5 days
  • Principal Return
  • Min. $10 - Max. $100
  • Total Return 110%
  • 1% referral commission
  • Created to boost your investment activities
  • 3% Daily for 10 days
  • Principal Return
  • Min. $10 - Max. $1000
  • Total Return 130%
  • 2% referral commission


Progressive plan

  • Developed to earn
    high profits
  • 4% Daily for 25 days
  • Principal Return
  • Min. $500 - Max. $5000
  • Total Return 200%
  • 3% referral commission


Business Plan

  • Tailored to build
    your wealth
  • 5% Daily for 35 days
  • Principal Return
  • Min. $1000 - Max. $50000
  • Total Return 275%
  • 5% referral commission

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